"The journey of life is filled with adventures. With each new adventure, we are presented with opportunities and also a measure of risk."


Wellbeing partners for the journey of life 

New Adventures partners with clients on their journey through life, with a passion and focus on their wellbeing.

We empower our clients providing them with quality-trusted advice that enables informed decision-making. So that they can realise the full potential of opportunities and mitigate against the potential impact of risk.

We craft solutions helping our clients to plan and prepare for the foreseen and to anticipated and provide for the unforeseen.

Our services and solutions include a focus on financial wellbeing, employee benefits and business development. 

We provide independent advice for your financial planning, the reviewing and managing of your risk and wealth portfolio, your policy and product selection, in making investment decisions and planning your legacy.

We provide a platform for the effective administration and delivery of employee benefits and interventions. With a focused on employee wellbeing and to help ensure you realise the value of your contribution to employee benefits.

We facilitate interventions, initiatives and engagements focused on delivering value to your bottom line for business development and wellbeing and for the wellbeing in business for those with an entrepreneurial spirit.

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"Transparency, honesty and integrity in everything we do and in every engagement we have." 

"We craft solutions drawing from specialised expertise and experience."

"We provide quality trusted advice that enables informed decision making."

As a financial wellbeing partner to our clients, we help them to achieve a balance between their financial security and freedom, to meet their goals for today and tomorrow. We provide independent advice for you to realise the full potential of opportunities and each new adventure on your journey through life by: 

-  Assisting with and guiding financial planning including estate planning and legacy planning to ensure sustainable financial security and freedom. 

- Conducting reviews and assessments of risk and wealth portfolios to ensure alignment with your changing needs and requirements.

- Managing your risk and wealth portfolios with a holistic overview to unlock the value of integration and alignment.

- Advising on and implement strategic and tailored policy and product selections from an extensive range of options.

  Investments | Healthcare | Insurance | Life Cover | Retirement & Legacy Planning
New Adventure is accredited and contracted to market policies and products from these select leading providers.

Our financial industry experience, understanding of corporate and business environment and focus on financial wellbeing enables us effectively serve as an extension of clients teams. Boosting their capacity and capabilities and helping them to realise the value of the benefits they provide. We provide a platform that enables:

- Independent benefit design, reviews and assessments

- Integration and alignment to enhance efficiency and unlock value

- Access to various employee wellbeing interventions

- Effective administration and simplified fund management

Group Risk Benefits|Fund Consulting|Employee Wellbeing |Financial Literacy
Debt Counselling |Legacy Planning

Employee Benefits Platform

We provide a platform that enables the effective administration, integration and coordination needed to realise the benefits from the benefit provided.

Our Preferred and Recommended Partners and Service Providers

Debt Counselling |Legacy Planning |Fund Consulting | Member Communication

Financial Literacy & Training

Employee Wellness

For Entrepreneurs or those with entrepreneurial spirit whom often find themselves breaking new ground and in unchartered areas, facing seemingly insurmountable challenges or spearheading innovative initiatives in isolation on their own. We facilitate interventions, initiatives and engagements focused on delivering value to your bottom line for business  wellbeing and for your wellbeing in business.
Strategic Planning - we facilitate and help to explore different perspective to uncover a fresh approach and reveal a path to success or to help unlock the potential of partnerships through proven processes and interventions.
Business Optimisation - we work with specialised partners to review supply chain, workflows and business processes to devise optimisation strategies and to implement or deploy potential solutions ranging from training and organisational development to enterprise or warehouse mobility solutions.   
Strategic Engagements - we act as an intermediary and broker of Business Development products and services, enabling the accessibility of additional capacity, capabilities, relevant expertise and experience by linking up potential collaborators, contributors, suppliers or potential partners from our established network of relations.
Strategic Planning  |  Business Optimisation | Strategic Engagement

Business Model Generation Map 

Some of our key Business Development Partners

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